Saturday, November 17, 2012

Baby Bethany


Yet another beautiful birth that I am so privileged and honored to be a part of! I am beyond blessed to be a foster mom to these precious teenage mothers, as well as a foster grandmother to their babies :)

On November 13th, 2012 at 7am, RUTH, one of our 15-year-old Maternity Home mothers, gave birth to a beautiful, spitting-image-of-her-mother baby girl! The delivery went so smoothly without any complications whatsoever and we praise God!! Ruth has only been at our home for a matter of weeks, but God brought her just in time in order for Ruth to be able to deliver this precious little one in a clinic with excellent medical care instead of in the mud hut in her village alone where she otherwise would have given birth.

Baby Bethany was delivered by our very own Kupendwa midwife, Roselyn, along with myself. :) Yes, I have delivered and assisted with many births this year since becoming a foster mother for teenage pregnant girls, but this one was extra “learning” and so wonderful. I was the proudest foster mom as I delivered that baby girl, placed her on her mother’s chest, then carried that bundle of baby girl over to the weighing scale.
Once again, I was the stand-in everything, as no relative could be reached or wanted to be reached. The stand-in: husband, mother, father, sister, brother, grandparent – once again, I was all that this precious young girl had during those monumental moments of her life…and I treasure and thank God for the honor and privilege.

Baby Bethany is healthy and the mother couldn’t be prouder! :) Continue praying for baby Bethany and her mother Ruth. Ruth still has so much to learn as a young single mother, but her spirit of will and trying are God-given and we believe that it will take her far!

Bless you for the prayers and encouragements! Any message written or posted on the page for Ruth will be given to her and will bless her more than I can say!!! May God bless you, baby Bethany, and precious Ruth :)

Welcome to the world, baby Bethany! What a joy your birth was for me – thank you for allowing me the privilege of delivering you! :) I love you, preciousness. 


  1. Ruth,

    You and your baby are gorgeous! You are so brave! God is doing wonderful things in your life! I love you and your precious baby girl and all the other women. I love y'all and will pray for Kupendwa and all the blessings happening! :)


  2. Sweet Ruth, I look forward to meeting you and your precious daughter, Bethany, very soon! I, too, have a precious daughter, Bethany, and she'll be meeting her namesake very soon, too!! Children are a blessing from the Lord, and Bethany is blessed to have you, Ruth, as a mother who will always love her. Learn all you can while you are in the Kupendwa Maternity Home. I know God has His Hand on you and little Bethany, and He will take care of you. Isaiah 41:10 I love you! JaJa Donna