Saturday, March 17, 2012

My little Donna turned 1 :)

I can hardly believe it. Almost one year ago, she was placed in my arms so malnourished and sick that I wasn't sure she would make it. I am so thrilled that today she is happy, healthy, walking and talking (and of course, her favorite word is no!) Thank you, Jesus, for this little life...and for blessing mine with hers. All glory and praise to You alone!

And yes, I am the same person who used to take cake classes and bake all the time and decorate beautiful cakes - well, attempt anyway! NOW...I grab the closest fork, dip the end in the icing and try my best to make legible letters and numbers on the top of cupcakes :) Then I buy individual ice creams in town that melt before we make it home - but all of the children didn't seem to mind licking and drinking their ice cream. And is it terrible that the birthday party had to happen 4 days after the actual birthday date??!? Oh, life! Thankfully, Donna didn't seem to mind too much :)  Oh, and bless you, Mom, for sending sparkler candles - they were a hit! It's the little things :)
Don't ask me what Amina is doing in the background - 
Aunt Dede suggested she be an opera singer???

the cuteness

I love you, my little Caterpillar. 
Happy 1st Birthday.


  1. She is beautiful, Amy girl <3
    Thanks for putting up pictures.

  2. Aaawwww…. so adorable!! Thanks for letting us get glimpses of the birthday party! I am SO THANKFUL for her precious life! May she grow up to be a woman of FAITH! As she grows, may she be blessed with laughter with friends and family, surrounded with much love, and grow to know how much Jesus LOVES her!!! Bless you, sweet Donna!