Tuesday, March 20, 2012

...more Donna's birthday pix

Just a few more pictures of Donna's birthday party :) 
I wanted Donna to at least be the star for one post since it was her birthday...
but her brothers and sisters were so amusing during this celebration 
that I just had to put up a few pix of them too :)

she was just a little scared of the sparkler candles! 
guess I should have thought about that beforehand!

helping with the scary candles :)
(of course they still couldn't blow them out, so I tried...and continued struggling! in the end, the candles finally stopped sparkling!)

trying to eat the melted ice cream with wooden sticks!
Amina kept having to lick it off of her feet :)

by the time he finished, there was definitely more 
on his stomach and diaper than in his tummy

Amina really just enjoyed stirring her ice cream "soup"! 
as much as they struggled, the boys at least attempted with the sticks...

"does that work?? you getting that last drop??"

"Ok, you talked me into it..."
(Amina just gave up on the stick and stirring 
and went straight to her fingers :) )

oh, happy birthdays :)

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