Saturday, December 31, 2011

So many stories.
 I am still learning.
And I learn more every single day. As I grow closer to these women, these nurses, these precious mothers, they open up. They share more. They let me in to their lives and their situations.

So many situations, so many different happenings in this hospital maternity ward. So many troubles, so many heartaches, so many needs. Inside needs. Heart needs. I hear the stories…and oftentimes feel so helpless. I hear the stories…and wonder how? I hear the stories…and only want to do more. Reality. The needs are right before me. The need for the Healer. The need for the Great Physician. The need for the Comforter. The need for Love. 

Through Sandra’s hospital stay and being there so much with Sandra and Dickens’, God opened my eyes to the hospital maternity ward. To the mothers, to the babies, to the need. And until God provides for our own labor & delivery and NICU unit, God has laid on my heart to help these women now.
We have started helping the mothers who have undergone c-sections and whose c-section wounds are now grossly infected. These mothers with “septic wounds” oftentimes have lost their babies, are young (14-19), very poor, and struggling. It is often very difficult for them to afford the medical supplies and the nutritious food that they need for their bodies to fight such infections and recover. God has also opened doors for us to assist the anemic mothers who have very little if any breast milk to feed their infants. Many of these mothers are very malnourished themselves, and are able to provide very little nourishment for their newborns because they do not have the nourishment themselves. Because of such, the newborn babies are malnourished, underweight and most often very dehydrated. These mothers and babies often average 1-2 months in the hospital because the recovery time from such malnourishment and septic wounds is so slow.

I wanted to put up pictures of these wounds, but they are just too graphic. My sisters wanted so badly to meet these mothers, see the babies, see these wounds in person after having heard and prayed for weeks about this new aspect of God growing our ministry to mothers and babies. We loaded up in our van and headed  to visit the hospital. Little did they know just how much the smell and sights of these wounds would affect them. Feeling faint, both of my sisters had to go outside. The smell was too much…the sight even worse. What is easy to explain on phone and imagine is just so much more difficult to see on the actual person. The living, breathing mother with this horrible wound the size of her entire abdomen.

Christine stays right beside me the entire time. I wonder sometimes if I am raising a little nurse. She looks at the medical charts with me as if she can read and understand them. She watches as if all is normal as the nurse changes the bandages on the infected wounds. I gently touch the mother’s forehead and rub her back…Christine then reaches over and touches the mother’s arm. She watches as I pray…she holds my hand as she listens. She kisses the soft heads of the newborns lying next to their mothers. Her little heart is so tender, so compassionate. And I just see His love already being lived out through her young life.

 I am so thankful for the opportunities that the Lord is bringing my way to love these mothers and newborns. I want to show them the same love that I have been shown – the love the Jesus pours out of Himself and into me daily. The same love that gave of Himself – I want to pour that selfless, unconditional, never-ending love into these children of God. and if I can show that love by carrying a hot meal to their bedside, taking gauze and medicine to help their outside wounds heal, or by holding her shaking body and weeping with a mother over the loss of her precious baby – caring about the inside wounds – then I know that I am showing them Jesus. Loving as He loves. Giving as He gives. Living as His hands and feet…living out the desire of my heart to love the least of these.

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  1. What a blessing you are...thank you for loving these women and their sweet babies.