Monday, September 5, 2011

We lay in bed and cuddle. She touches my face…I wake up to the touch of my  little girls’ hand on my cheeks, she rubs mommy’s cheeks to wake her up and then she starts squeezing if I don’t wake up fast enough and play with her. we lay inches apart and I get to stare into her beautiful face her big brown eyes and watch her laugh as we touch noses.
She puts her little black hand in mine and it looks perfect. She plays with my fingernails, and plays with mommy’s hair, and she giggles as I tickle her, and we say, "I love you" about a hundred times. Her eyes sparkle and dance almost as she gets mommy’s attention and love. My little girl loves me. My heart is overwhelmed. This little girl I never though I would see again, much less have as my daughter. Tears form as I thank God and smile into her precious face and she tries to wipe them off of my face confused, but mommy is still smiling, so it must be ok. I am so blessed. Beyond blessed.
I just can’t get enough of her; I drink her in. This precious bundle of blessings. I love her so much. This is truly the child I have prayed for. She just wants to lay on my chest and cuddle. She just wants to be as close to mommy as possible. She lays her little head on my shoulder and rubs my arm. She just likes to lay and rub my arm.
She cradles my face in her two little hands and I hold hers too.

I am beyond thankful. And grateful to God. Grateful doesn’t begin to describe. It doesn’t begin to tell of the emotions of the last year, of the cries of my heart begging God, the prayers going up on behalf of this child…my child. I try to thank God and praise Him for her precious life and all that He has done – for giving her back to me…and most of the time I just end up weeping. It is hard for me to even get out from the depths of my heart how much this child means to me.
Her smile is contagious. Her laugh infectious. Her touch so sweet and warm.
She crawls on top of me and just wants mommy to hold her. She wants to be as close as she possibly can be to mommy.

And I cherish every moment. 

I cherish every moment.

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