Wednesday, August 3, 2011


She crawled

My Joy just crawled.

I want to laugh and cry at the same time. I am in the kitchen preparing dinner by candlelight, as the electricity had gone off, when I hear a voice calling me from the living room. I hurry in to find Joy up on one bent knee and one out-stretched foot crawling across the living room floor. The tears form quickly, but I blink them away as she looks at my face. Not now. I don’t want her to see Mommy weepy the first time she is crawling. There will be plenty of time for tears of joy later. 

Now is the time for rejoicing. True reJOYcing! :) (He knew her precious name would matter greatly throughout the course of her life.) God is so good.  I just sit and hold her after she crawls her little way over to me. “Jesus, thank You. Thank You.” It seems to be all that I can say as I continue to fight back the tears. 

As I sit down on the floor in front of her these days, and hold out my hands, my heart swells with love as I watch her move toward me. I love this little girl so very much. How I have prayed that she would crawl. Like so many of you, I have prayed that her legs would work properly. I know we have such a long way to go, but for now, I cherish this huge step and rejoice. Step by step. Little baby step by little baby step – that is how we will make it. Taking one step at a time holding onto Jesus’ hand. He is leading us. He is helping us along this path – and He is crawling each part of this road to recovery with Joy. We are also praying that she will one day be walking side by side with our Savior – both literally and figuratively :)
I am so thankful. Thank you for every single prayer for Joy. God is slowly healing her little body in His perfect timing. Thank you for reJOYcing with us.

“Jesus, thank You. Thank You.”

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