Monday, July 18, 2011

Oliva walked into my room with a strange look on her face. She looked like she had a hundred questions running through her mind but didn’t even know how to ask one. Her stomach had been feeling weird and she was having more trouble breathing. She had been saying this so many times during her pregnancy though, but she looked more concerned this time. I asked her a few questions and then decided I should take her to the clinic to get her checked out. The next day, a dear friend of mine was flying in to visit for the week. If this could have just waited 2 more days, it would have been perfect – in my mind. But again, God whispered – “My ways, my thoughts. Not yours.”
It was HIS perfect timing…little did I know how perfect it would actually be.
I took her to the government health center I had recently been introduced to and the one I believed God wanted me to take her to when she delivered.  Roselyn, my wonderful nurse/midwife friend, worked there now and I had so been hoping that she would be working when oliva gave birth.

We arrived at the clinic and the nurses checked her out. I got to assist and watch much to Oliva’s protesting. She had told me beforehand that I could be in the delivery room and help, watch, etc (as I had been studying and learning midwifery), but oh, my goodness, did this first time mother ever get shy during the first checkup. Shy as it could be! All the nurses and midwives began laughing at her and giving her a good hard time. “Just wait until you are in strong labor and delivering – you won’t care who is in the room!”  (BTW, Oliva really did want me in there, she was just extremely shy to absolutely EVERYONE in the room! She kept the nurses laughing the entire time.) the checkup ended up confirming what I thought: she had a long way to go. The contractions had begun but were not early strong enough. She was approximately 4 cm dilated, but her contractions were very far apart. They sent us home to wait. As I was walking out the door, the midwife whispered in my ear, “She needs to move. Keep her moving and up and active.”

Instead of going home, I decided that Oliva and I needed a few things from town while we were there! and since we do not have a vehicle – we walked :)  all over town to the market and supermarkets and bank. She would stop every 20 minutes or so to catch her breath when she felt a little pain, but the contractions were still not strong at all and very far apart. That night there was still very little change. I was supposed to leave at 9am to pick up my friend from the airport…didn’t look like that was going to happen. But since I don’t have a vehicle, a friend was loaning me his car to go to the airport. I had planned this a week or so again, having no idea that Oliva would be in labor, but once again, God provided with His perfect timing and we had a car sitting in our driveway all night in case anything happened.
It didn’t.
We slept that night ready to be awakened at any time, but it was not to be. This baby is going to wait.

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