Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jesus whispers.
He finds me.
He whispers to my soul…speaking to me, singing over me. The Seconds tick by. Minutes go by. As songs that take me to His throne room play into my ears, He meets me here. He pours His love over me.
As the tears flow…as the weeping endures. As the feelings, emotions, worries, questions, love, gratitude, thankfulness, undeservedness pours out.
The need….to worship. To love my Jesus. To pour out my heart and soul to Him. To cry out from deep within me - from the places that only He knows.
To give unreservedly of myself to Him.
That intimacy. How I long for it each day. My Savior loves me. And I love Him.
Oh, how my spirit misses Him when I do not have this time…this intimate, personal time with my Jesus.

Face to the floor, broken before my Savior, tears falling unchecked…I cry out.
He comes.
In spirit.
In physical body.
He touches my head so gently.
…my little girl.

He comes to me today…when I need Him so desperately…in the form of my little girl. She walks in while Mommy is meeting with Jesus. She sees Mommy crying then walks over and touches Mommy’s head. With a worried face, not liking Mommy’s tears, she moves to see Mommy’s face.
Then Mommy looks up from the floor, her face lights with a big smile, she laughs to ease all fears, and all is right with the world again.
And for Mommy…all is right with the world again.

All I have to do is look into her big brown eyes…stare at her adorable face…and I see my Jesus. He is written in every part of her. In every part of her story. In every part of mine.
And I know that miracles happen - I live one every day.
I see one walking around my house, giving me kisses and hugs, crying, and making messes all day long.
I see more miracles coming in and out of my house constantly.

He reached down today and touched me.
And as she climbed in my lap, the tears fell again fresh. He loves me. I am not alone - ever. He is here. With me. With my baby girl. With so many others. I do not walk this path alone. And I never will. I can not make it without Him…and He doesn’t want to be without me. He died for me - so that we would never be separated again.
As she cuddles in my lap wanting to share her mango with me, He says, “This is me. You see me in every fiber of her being. They are all me. I surround you everyday. And you love me back each day…with each breath. Breathe, Amy. Breathe Me in and out. I love you. You are never alone.” 

1 comment:

  1. hon. crying. no words.
    all I can coherently say right now is that even I see our Jesus in the face of your daughter. In every picture. Her life. Her smile. Her eyes. BEAM CHRIST. His FAITHFULNESS.
    Your Amina's life has changed mine.
    The day I meet your daughter will wreck my heart.