Tuesday, May 10, 2011

 For with God nothing shall be impossible.”
Luke 1:37

I watch my beautiful brown eyed little beauty rolling all over my bed and all over me. She just can’t sit still for one minute! I listen as her cries fill the air when I walk out of the room, only to hear laughter the next minute when I turn back around, scoop her up into my arms, and tickle her like crazy.
She is a kisser. I get about 286 kisses a day. And she likes LONG ones. Seriously. The longer she can keep her little face shoved up into my cheek, the better. And I smile as tears stream down my face.
My little girl.
My miracle.
I sit here everyday…every moment… and I think “Miracle”.
I never thought I would be back. I never thought I would set foot in that small, Entebbe airport again. I never thought I would buy a plane ticket to Uganda again. Never smell the gas fumes, ride in a crowded matatu, eat chapatti or mandazi again. Never walk the familiar streets…Never worship under the jack fruit tree…never ride another boda. Never see my friends again. Never sit talking until the wee hours of the morning with my Ugandan sister. Never see my little girl again. Never have her sleeping beside me…never hold that face in my hands again…never get to thank God again for the privilege of being her mommy.

But my God is a God of miracles. Absolute. Miracles. No doubt about it. Nothing-short-of. Impossible. Miracles.
That is my God. He is my God. And I stand in awe. Each morning…I stand in awe. As the evening comes and the African sky bursts forth with color…I stand in awe. When my baby girl comes half-toddling/half-running down the hallway shrieking with joy to be headed straight into Mommy’s arms…I stand in awe.
I stand in awe.

Miracles. Each day. A new miracle. Just my being back in Uganda - a Miracle.
And I pray that I never take these miracles for granted.
I am reminded – that we are surrounded by miracles every day. They are not rare, they are not hard to find, they are not hidden from us - they surround us. They overtake our lives. As God pours out these miracles each new day. I look around me…and am reminded by every face. Every touch. Every laugh. Every tear.
I serve a miracle working God.

1. A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be divine.
2. A highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment.
: an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs.

And He’s not finished. He’s not through performing His miracles in my life…and the lives of so many others. He is only just beginning!
When I am tempted to doubt, when life becomes overwhelming, when the calls for help don’t end, when the need increases…He gently whispers in my ear,

“I am enough. I am enough. What miracles have I performed to get you to this exact place where you are? And how many more miracles am I going to perform for you, in you, and through you? Trust Me. Rest in Me. Rest in Who I Am. Trust Me - I’m in the miracle working business, remember? And for there to be miracles - there has to be the NEED for a miracle. I will allow the situation to look hopeless…that I may bring Hope. I might allow the situation to seem lifeless…that I may bring Life. I may take everything away from you…that I may give it all back plus more. I may empty you completely of yourself…that I may pour Myself fully into you and fill you up. I may allow the doors to be shut…that I may show my awesome power and ability in opening them up again.

I must take you to the edge of the Red Sea – with the enemy breathing down your neck, with those who hate you about to take your life – before I can save it. Before I can slaughter the enemy – before I can part the waters and walk you safely across. I must take you. And you must trust Me. Trust Me. Trust in who you know Me to be. Trust in what you know Me capable of doing. Trust who I am. Because I am the great I AM.

I will - I MUST - take you to the edge - to the absolute brink of yourself, your life, and everything you believe in - that I may take you further still. Further still in Me…with Me…through this life. To deepen your trust in Me, your rest in Me, your faith in Me, and your love for Me. I will show you My power. My strength. My love. My provision. My ability. Nothing is too difficult for Me, remember? Nothing. Nothing is impossible with Me. Absolutely. Nothing. With Me ALL things are possible –even those things and situations that look hopelessly impossible.

I must take you to the place of the impossible - that I may come through with the possible in the face of the impossible. That I may come through with the miracle of making the impossible possible. And I will watch as you stand in awe and worship Me. There must be the need for a miracle before I will perform one – otherwise it would not be a miracle – it would not be the supernatural; it would not be the divine –and you would not need my intervention. I must take you to the miracle desperation place - that I may come through for you with the MIRACLE.”

Miracle: “An extraordinary event manifesting DIVINE intervention in HUMAN affairs.”

Isn’t that my God?
That is MY God! - The One who steps down from His throne in the highest of highs to divinely intervene in my human affairs down here on earth. The One who has stepped down from on high and manifested His divine, supernatural, unexplainable intervention in my life. He is the reason why I am here today. His miracles are the reason why I am back in Uganda today. His divine intervention…His unexplainable miracles…His supernatural provision…His unending grace….His eternal hope…His unfailing love.

“Lord, may You momently remind me. Remind me of Your miracles in my life. Show me the miracles that You daily surround me with. Open my eyes to see your miracles. Let me not live blinded by expectation. May I stand in awe of You each moment I’m alive.
Take me to the desperation place…the place of desperate need for Your miracles.
Like the Israelites, take me to the Red Sea…and walk me safely across. Like Esther, take me to the king’s forbidden chamber…and walk me in to touch the scepter. Like Daniel, lead me into the lion’s den…and walk me out unharmed. Like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, push me into the fiery furnace…and bring me out not even smelling of smoke. Like the disciples, ride me out onto the raging seas…and calm the storm with a spoken word. Like countless, countless others throughout the history of time…perform miracles for me. Perform miracles in my life…for my life…through my life. And may I joyfully embrace You and cling tighter to the Cross as you lead me to more of these miracle desperation places…and further still with You.”


 “With men this is impossible, but not with God:
for with God all things are possible.”
Mark 10:27

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